Jan. × ’12


beats me as to what made me think of bongo jeans… somewhere in the far reaches of my wee brain the bongo jean brand still lived.

thinking about it more now, a friend not too long ago said she bought some L.E.I. jeans at a thrift shop. maybe that was what stirred up bongo.

whoa, i just blew your mind again with that reference, eh? Life. Energy. Intelligence. YES.

do you want me to completely just annihilate your 90’s clothing brand references?


anyyyywaay, i really like these liv tyler ads. way better than anything they’ve done since i discovered when googling (audrina patridge and kim kardashian are both liv’s successors just so you have an idea).

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year round.

Nov. × ’11


i need these in all lengths for year round awesomeness.

theysken’s theory spring/summer 2012.

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october sun.

Oct. × ’11

today reminds me of this. i kinda wish all days would.

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meditations in an emergency.

Oct. × ’11

another incarnation/my favorite of the LBDs.

prabal gurung spring/summer 2012.

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Sep. × ’11

prada spring/summer 2012 via wwd. just reminding me how much i love the color combo of powder blue & red.

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Sep. × ’11

cindy crawford by herb ritts.

just saw unzipped for the first time and seeing richard gere (along with rosanne barr!) front row was definitely a throw back. herb ritts introduced cindy and richard. #randomfacts


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dear summer.

Sep. × ’11

i am recently obsessed with the stoner/surfer dude look.

natalie joos up top in an exquisite shot & jeremy scott spring 2012: the only girl sans heels, freckles and pin up hair.

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not alexander.

Sep. × ’11


how cute is she?

wang xiao

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hair raising.

Sep. × ’11

i like a little dose of random and unexpected creepiness every now and again. who doesn’t? (and who shouldn’t??)

hair accessories are one of those things i often times think is hard to find an interesting or fresh take on. enter moon raven’s etsy shop.

skull accessories have now become pretty stale and just plain ole played out, but i honestly don’t mind them at all here with the pony tail coming out of said skull’s mouth. and i’m even more into the ivory raven skull options above.

just in time for trick or treating.

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the world over.

Sep. × ’11

look at this japanese gem.

one of many amazing posters from this film.


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